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Continuous Passive Motion Machine

108,000 102,000


The benefits of CPM for Healing Cartilage

Enhanced nutrition and metabolic activity

Accelerated healing of articluar tissues

Regeneration of cartilage

The benefits of CPM for healing tendons

Restoration of the tendon’s gliding surface

Greater mean breaking strength of the tendon

Enhanced intrinsic healing through synovial diffusion

Prevention of adhesion formation

Increase joint mobility and range of motion


Universal left / right design

Total noiseless smooth operation

Ultra-wide carriage 28 cm from the center of the carriage

Sturdy DC motor for smooth operation

Universal input internal power supply.

Light weight at only 14.75 Kg

Easy conversion from adult to pediatric

1oAccuracy, contact less magnetic sensor for angle detection


Range of Motion – -10° to 120°

Pause time – 0-99 seconds (extension and flexion)

Speed – 50° – 110° / minutes in 10 steps

Treatment time – 5 min to 24 hours

Length range – Calf 40 – 62 cm

Thigh 28 – 36 cm

Force reversal – 1 to 10 steps

Mains voltage – 90 – 270 V, 50/60 Hz Safety Class – IEC 60601-1, class 1, type -B

CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) Machine : DIGI

39,000 34,800


Mode Selection: Flexion/Stop/Extension/Stop

Treatment Mode: Lower Extremity

Motor: High torque noiseless motor for continuous operation

Flexion Angle: 10° - 120° adjustable

Thigh length & Height: Adjustable

Treatment Time: 30min (1 to 60min adjustable)

Patient Safety Switch: Provided

Flexion Indicator: Provider

Extension Indicator: Provider

Flexion Delay Time: 1,5,10,15 (sec)

Extension Delay Time: 1,5,10,15 (sec)

Package Includes

Main Body

Remote Switch

Main Cable

Instruction Manual