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Shortwave Diathermy : INDOTHERM 500W

105,000 96,000

INDOTHERM 500 is a heavy duty shortwave diathermy equipment can be used in hospitals and big clinics. It is mounted in castors to move from place to place. It has plastic moulded multi-position arms set for setting the treatment place without disturbing the patient. Digital timer for setting the treatment time.


Rapid reduction of wounds

Rapid reabsorption of haematomas and oedemas

Powerful stimulations of the peripheral circulation

Post – traumatic and post operative disorders such arthropathy, Contusion, distortion, hametoma Other disorders such as ankylopoletic spondylosis, bursltis, Coccycodinia, myalagia (acute) and chronic sinusitis


Generator Frequency - 27.12 mHz

Output Power - 500 W (Adj in 5 steps)

Timer - 0–99 min Digital Timer


Mains Voltage - 220 V / 50 Hz

Dimensions - L x B x H – 35 x 48 x 75 cms

Weight - 38 Kgs

Shortwave Diathermy Machine : INDOTHERM 300W

54,000 49,200


Frequency : 27.12 MHz

Output Power : 300 W (Adj in 5 steps)

Timer : 0-99 mins at the end of treatment time out put cut off automatically and buzzer sound up


Mains Cable- 1 No.

Output Cable- 1 Set

Rubber Pad- 2 Nos.

Instructions Manual – 1 No.


Dimensions - L x B x H – 38.5 x 40 x 30 cms

Weight - 22 Kgs